Introducing PepperSpray, a jQuery Plugin


Ever wanted to annoy the hell out of your users?

Look no further. Pepper Spray will drive 99% of your traffic away, thanks to its amazing features:

Disable Right-Click

That’s right! Right Mouse Clicks can be so dangerous we made it simple
to disable it with a single call to:
$.pepperspray("disableRightClick", true);

Disable Text Highlighting (and yes, Images too!)

Don’t allow other suckers to steal your content. You’ve worked so hard copying it from somewhere else!
Here, one shot of pepper spray and look at them poor villagers, with their menacing pitchforks, all up-in-arms! But who cares? No subject shall walk off with her majesty’s property!
$.pepperspray("disableHighlighting", true);

Disable the Back Button Functionality

The world is a prison. Let your users feel it. Oh, one squirt of this pepperspray wonder suffices to piss them off! Ain’t nobody goin’ nowhere!
$.pepperspray("disableBackButton", true);

To download, contribute, or read the documentation, click on the link below:

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