iAd Plugin for Unity

GenesX is proud to announce the release of our latest Unity Plugin. iAd for Unity on the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms is the iAd solution we have all been waiting for.


  • “Zero Coding” skills required.
  • Full Integration with XCode. Press “Build” from the Unity Editor and let the magic take over.
  • iAd for Unity will detect the orientation of your game automatically
  • Choose a “Bottom” or “Top” banner position and you’re ready to go.
  • Available API methods for more control over the ad banner
  • Read the plugin’s documentation for more details

For the unique price of $3.99 all your Unity-Based iPhone & iPod Touch games can now implement iAd without the hassles, and more importantly, seamlessly.

Item no longer on sale

NOTICE:  This is copyrighted material. By purchasing the product, you are granted a single, non-transferable license for the program. No refunds will be given.


– Unzip the package downloaded from the payment confirmation link and import the .unitypackage into your Unity project
– There is a PostProcessBuildPlayer file that will help with the magic. Please make sure it isn’t overwriting another file of the same name, in which case it will clobber some of the other magic you might be already running for your project.
– For now, please use “File” > “Build Settings” > “Build” from Unity. The code in charge of code injection is not 100% accurate all the time, it seems.
– As a precaution, make sure no other Xcode project is open at the same time you do press “Build”, so as to ensure the right Xcode project is being patched.
– If all went well, you should now see “CoreGraphics.h”, “iAd.h” added to your Xcode project’s ‘Frameworks’ group.
– The library was compiled using the iPhone SDK 4.0, so if you have problems, check that you’re up to date with the SDK.
– Building for iPod Touch 2nd Generation or other ARM6 processor-based device? Unity’s Xcode project has a known little problem with the iPhone SDK 4.0. The fix is easy to implement and listed here.

Notice: The current version of the plugin only works with the iOS 4.0 SDK. It is being updated to iOS 4.1 SDK and should be released very soon.

By jonaphin

Sr. Software Engineer / Project Lead at Adobe Systems, Inc.