Shocked by San Francisco, on my very first day – need your help asap

Visiting my brother who is a programmer, this is my first time in San Fran.

Monday Sept 24th – As my bro goes to work, he drops me in front of New Montgomery, and I’m left to wander in SF, without a plan, just my smartphone map with 2 tags, ING bank’s coffee shop (good deal) and his work location tagged.

Half way through the day, as I am exploring the city, I end up hungry in China town, so I order some take-out food. They literally serve me 2 pounds of food! Then I want to enjoy my lunch looking at the ocean view, but walking there, it turns out that the ocean is further away than it seems so I sit down in a park close to an Italian-style neighborhood. I eat what I can and since I have some left-over chicken (poor chicken had to give its life to feed me) I can’t keep it for later so I feel compelled not to throw it away but to give it away.

Being in a park, I look at the guy nearest to me, he is sleeping under a tree enjoying a few rays of sun, he looks like a bum, a potential hungry guy), but I’m not sure he is a bum, I mean, I took the train this morning and there was some working people dressed with dirty clothes too, I even saw dry marks of pee on someone’s pants (well that’s for another post), so I wasn’t sure that guy in the park is a working-class person or a beggar. Then I look 15 yards away and I see a caucasian guy on a bench, dressed with raggedy cloth, ferociously eating whatever food was stuck on a paper-bag. Here was an opportunity for a mitzvah (good deed)!

I give him a pound of still warm leftover food. He loos at me like I am the crazy one, (I could read through his eyes, his mind was saying, you left that much food you selfish schmuck!), and he thanks me so many times, I felt good/bad about it. WIN WIN!!! AMEN

I’m done with visiting SF, it took me a day to finish the tourist “checklist”. I have 6 days left, so I decided to give the remaining of my vacation time creating an app for the needy. (yep, that’s one third of my yearly vacation time…)

So here is the plan guys. And I need your help

Let’s call this app “BeggarMap”


  • Find/geo-locate the closest beggar near you to give him/her leftover food, give charity, or know more about his/her history and how he/she got there.
  • Know how safe it is to walk close to that beggar.
  • Know if someone already gave money for the day, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Give blankets/shelter in tough weather conditions.
  • Find out if there are new bums in the neighborhood. Maybe help them before they become die-hard beggars.
  • Learn about “bum migration”, “bum population spread” (statistics for the government)
  • Know a beggar’s preference for food, drinks, alcohol, cigarette, etc…


I will be sitting at ING bank’s Peete’s coffee shop every day till sunday. I need help developing the iOS app and the RoR service.

Contact me anytime at

It would be nice if you pass the message to your friends(up vote this before I leave to my hometown, Miami), spreading the word is a small step to charity. Let’s do this.


“Charity starts with the needy you cross in your daily routine. ”

– Yohann Taieb (yes I’m quoting myself, I just made it up, who cares lol)


I’m putting some pants on and heading to ING bank. See you there!