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Speed up the Terminal Launch on OS X Lion

Does the following trick work on Snow Leopard? I think it does. But if I were to “think”, I’d think you should be on Lion, though this is not the purpose of this post.

Sooo, back to our trick. Ever launched the terminal and noticed that it may take a good 2 to 5 seconds to open? Even on your stellar 16-core Mac Pro? Fear no more. There’s a trick that will bring that benchmark down to well, hmm… a split second!

Open the Terminal (Cmd + Space, then type “Terminal”, then press “Enter”). Are we there yet? Good.

Now paste in the following excerpt and press “Enter (or Return)”:
touch ~/.hushlogin

Quit the Terminal (Cmd + Q) and relaunch. Be proud.

Credits: User “thought_alarm” on Hacker News – Source

* EDIT *
Sorahn, an awesome user from the Reddit community contributed this little gem to us:
Dumping the *.asl logs seems to speed up login even more. If like me, you’re after every millisecond you can get and don’t mind spending an extra 5 seconds to make it happen, then here’s the command you need to run:
sudo rm -rf /private/var/log/asl/*.asl

Full Credits here.