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Why The Launch of Is a Success is a success.

You may think it arrogant of me to say, I know. Nevertheless, I will not mince my words, our launch was a real success.
You see, the first thing we should discuss a little is what success really means for us.
Success, to be measured appropriately, must be quantified. Society shapes in us a generic, contextual understanding of success.
Having a successful career usually means being able to excel at what we do and grow all the way to the top within that path.
A successful person is usually thought of as having made enough money to go retire sipping Pina Colada under a palm tree on some exotic, remote island.
In the case of ShareBetaKeys, success had its own meaning, and no, traffic or money were not factored into our definition.

So what made us so audaciously claim it a success?

Release: Your First Measure of Success

The first and simplest reason is SBK ( is released and ready to serve. Given that many startups/products fail before launch, we can proud ourselves with having met the most important initial milestone: Releasing.

Identify a Pain Point

ShareBetaKeys was born out of a real need. The idea came up when browsing Reddit. Someone had pasted 200 keys for Icarus Online in a post, and at the time of reading many top comments were just complaints about how Steam had locked people’s accounts. Some readers had tried 2, some 20, some 3 before either getting lucky (and locked out), or unlucky (and still locked out).
My heart-beat raced, giving all its power to pumping the Startup “Eureka” moment up my veins and into my head. I had identified a “pain point”.

Pasting your keys on a forum thread has to be the worst way of dealing with distribution in post-web1.0 era. Sure, it crowdsources the certainty of key redemption (assuming there are way more users than there are keys), but any customer-oriented dev shop would not want to waste its gamers’ time or lock them out of game platforms such as Steam. Solving this pain became the raison-de-vivre of SBK. Identifying a pain point is one great way to start a new product. It instantly gives meaning to the product’s existence.

Solve the Problem

The first release of our service solves the problem for users in a gracious fashion. Each user may only redeem one key of a given game per account. Two weeks after initial thought, we have a first solution out and ready to help. That, to us, is a success.

A pain-point-driven product’s success should always (though not exclusively) be measured by how well it solves the problem it was born to address.

What’s Next for Share Beta Keys?

Our first iteration is far from the last. We are actively working on a feedback system that would allow developers to stay in touch with “testers/gamers”, as well as a public API for game developers to build plugins that can deal directly with our service, in-game.

The future is bright for SBK, and we hope it might help you deliver or enjoy a top notch experience with game keys distribution.